We list our awarded papers and representative papers in this page linked with PDF access.

Since 2009

Awarded Papers

  1. Incorporating Occupancy into Frequent Pattern Mining for High Quality Pattern Recommendation
    Linpeng Tang, Lei Zhang, Ping Luo, Min Wang
    Proceedings of ACM CIKM, 75-84, 2012
    ACM CIKM Best Student Paper Award (2012)
  2. Extreme Support Vector Machine Classifier
    Qiuge Liu, Qing He, Zhongzhi Shi
    PAKDD, 222-233, 2008
    Most Influential Paper Award (2018)
  3. Collaborative Dual-PLSA: Mining Distinction and Commonality across Multiple Domains for Text Classification
    F Zhuang, P Luo, Z Shen, Q He, Y Xiong, Z Shi, Hui Xiong
    CIKM 2010 Best Paper Candidate
  4. Exploiting Associations between Word Clusters and Document Classes for Cross-domain Text Categorization
    F Zhuang, P Luo, H Xiong, Q He, Y Xiong, Z Shi
    SIAM SDM 2010 Best Paper Candidate

Since 2009

Representative Papers


  1. Market-oriented Job Skill Valuation with Cooperative Composition Neural Network
    Ying Sun, Fuzhen Zhuang, Hengshu Zhu, Qi Zhang, Qing He, Hui Xiong 
    Nature Communications 12 (1), 1-12, 2021
  2. Pick and Choose: A GNN-based Imbalanced Learning Approach for Fraud Detection
    Yang Liu, Xiang Ao, Zidi Qin, Jianfeng Chi, Jinghua Feng, Hao Yang, Qing He
    WWW 2021
  3. GuideBoot: Guided Bootstrap for Deep Contextual Banditsin Online Advertising
    Feiyang Pan, Haoming Li, Xiang Ao, Wei Wang, Yanrong Kang, Ao Tan, Qing He
  4. Cost-Effective and Interpretable Job Skill Recommendation with Deep Reinforcement Learning
    Ying Sun, Fuzhen Zhuang, Hengshu Zhu, Qing He, Hui Xiong


  1. A Comprehensive Survey on Transfer Learning
    Fuzhen Zhuang, Zhiyuan Qi, Keyu Duan, Dongbo Xi, Yongchun Zhu, Hengshu Zhu, Hui Xiong, Qing He 
    Proceedings of IEEE
  2. Trust the Model When It Is Confident: Masked Model-based Actor-Critic
    F Pan, J He, D Tu, Q He
    NeurIPS 2020
  3. A Survey on Knowledge Graph-based Recommender Systems
    Q Guo, F Zhuang, C Qin, H Zhu, X Xie, H Xiong, Q He
    IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering     
  4. Fraud Transactions Detection via Behavior Tree with Local Intention Calibration
    C Liu, Q Zhong, X Ao, L Sun, W Lin, J Feng, Q He, J Tang
    SIGKDD 2020
  5. Neural Hierarchical Factorization Machines for User's Event Sequence Analysis
    D Xi, F Zhuang, B Song, Y Zhu, S Chen, D Hong, T Chen, X Gu, Q He
    SIGIR 2020
  6. Financial Defaulter Detection on Online Credit Payment via Multi-view Attributed Heterogeneous Information Network
    Q Zhong, Y Liu, X Ao, B Hu, J Feng, J Tang, Q He
    WWW 2020
  7. Domain Adaptation with Category Attention Network for Deep Sentiment Analysis
    D Xi, F Zhuang, G Zhou, X Cheng, F Lin, Q He
    WWW 2020
  8. Modeling Users’ Behavior Sequences with Hierarchical Explainable Network for Cross-domain Fraud Detection
    Y Zhu, D Xi, B Song, F Zhuang, S Chen, X Gu, Q He
    WWW 2020
  9. Relational Graph Neural Network with Hierarchical Attention for Knowledge Graph Completion
    Z Zhang, F Zhuang, H Zhu, Z Shi, H Xiong, Q He
    AAAI  2020
  10. Spatiotemporal Activity Modeling via Hierarchical Cross-Modal Embedding
    Y Liu, X Ao, L Dong, C Zhang, J Wang, Q He
     IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering


  1. Follow the Title then Read the Article: Click-guide Network for Dwell Time Prediction
    J Chen, F Zhuang, T Wang, L Lin, F Xia, L Du, Q He
    IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering
  2. Unsupervised Neural Aspect Extraction with Sememes
    L Luo, X Ao, Y Song, J Li, X Yang, Q He, D Yu
    IJCAI 2019
  3. The Impact of Person-organization Fit on Talent Management: A Structure-aware Convolutional Neural Network Approach
    Y Sun, F Zhuang, H Zhu, X Song, Q He, H Xiong
    KDD 2019
  4. Warm Up Cold-start Advertisements: Improving CTR Predictions via Learning to Learn ID Embeddings
    F Pan, S Li, X Ao, P Tang, Q He
    SIGIR 2019
  5. Modelling of Bi-directional Spatio-temporal Dependence and Users’ Dynamic Preferences for Missing Poi Check-in Identification
    D Xi, F Zhuang, Y Liu, J Gu, H Xiong, Q He
    AAAI 2019
  6. Policy Optimization with Model-based Explorations
    F Pan, Q Cai, AX Zeng, CX Pan, Q Da, H He, Q He, P Tang
    AAAI 2019
  7. Policy Gradients for Contextual Recommendations
    F Pan, Q Cai, P Tang, F Zhuang, Q He
    WWW 2019


  1. Attention-driven Factor Model for Explainable Personalized Recommendation
    J Chen, F Zhuang, X Hong, X Ao, X Xie, Q He
    SIGIR 2018
  2. Tree-structured Neural Machine for Linguistics-aware Sentence Generation
    G Zhou, P Luo, R Cao, Y Xiao, F Lin, B Chen, Q He
    AAAI 2018
  3. Elastic Responding Machine for Dialog Generation with Dynamically Mechanism Selecting
    G Zhou, P Luo, Y Xiao, F Lin, B Chen, Q He
    AAAI 2018
  4. Beyond Polarity: Interpretable Financial Sentiment Analysis with Hierarchical Query-driven Attention
    L Luo, X Ao, F Pan, J Wang, T Zhao, N Yu, Q He
    IJCAI 2018


  1. Mining Precise-positioning Episode Rules from Event Sequences
    X Ao, P Luo, J Wang, F Zhuang, Q He
    IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering
  2. Nonlinear Maximum Margin Multi-View Learning with Adaptive Kernel
    J He, C Du, C Du, F Zhuang, Q He, G Long
    IJCAI 2017
  3. Mechanism-aware Neural Machine for Dialogue Response Generation
    G Zhou, P Luo, R Cao, F Lin, B Chen, Q He
    AAAI 2017


  1. From Online Behaviors to Offline Retailing
    P Luo, S Yan, Z Liu, Z Shen, S Yang, Q He
    KDD 2016
  2. Online Bayesian Max-Margin Subspace Multi-View Learning
    J He, C Du, F Zhuang, X Yin, Q He, G Long
    IJCAI 2016
  3. Browsing Regularities in Hedonic Content Systems
    P Luo, G Zhou, J Tang, R Chen, Z Yu, Q He
    IJCAI 2016


  1. Supervised Representation Learning: Transfer Learning with Deep Autoencoders
    F Zhuang, X Cheng, P Luo, SJ Pan, Q He
    IJCAI 2015
  2. Online Frequent Episode Mining
    X Ao, P Luo, C Li, F Zhuang, Q He
    ICDE 2015
  3. Bayesian Maximum Margin Principal Component Analysis
    C Du, S Zhe, F Zhuang, Y Qi, Q He, Z Shi
    AAAI 2015

Before 2014

  1. Discovering and Learning Sensational Episodes of News Events
    X Ao, P Luo, C Li, F Zhuang, Q He, Z Shi
    WWW 2014
  2. Concept Learning for Cross-domain Text Classification: A General Probabilistic Framework
    F Zhuang, P Luo, P Yin, Q He, Z Shi 
    IJCAI 2013
  3. Mining Distinction and Commonality Across Multiple Domains Using Generative Model for Text Classification
    F Zhuang, P Luo, Z Shen, Q He, Y Xiong, Z Shi, H Xiong 
    IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering
  4. Nonparametric Curve Extraction Based on Ant Colony System
    Q Tan, Q He, Z Shi 
    AAAI 2010
  5. Cross-domain Learning from Multiple Sources: A Consensus Regularization Perspective
    F Zhuang, P Luo, H Xiong, Y Xiong, Q He, Z Shi
    IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering
  6. Distributed Classification in Peer-to-peer Networks
    P Luo, H Xiong, K Lv, Z shi
    KDD 2007
  7. On Defining Partition Entropy by Inequalities
    P Luo, G Zhan, Q He, Z Shi, K Lv
    IEEE Transactions on Information Theory

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